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HP of HCM serves as the primary praise & worship team of HCM. HP ministers each Sunday. They labor to set the atmosphere and make it conducive for miracles, signs, and wonders.

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MIHI Men's Ministry is a gathering of men, young or old, in order to emphasize the need to develop and disciple men into conforming to the image of Christ. MIHI focuses on biblical teaching, fellowship and development for men to become more holistic, taking their rightful place in the Earth. 

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HIDDEN GEMS is the monthly discipleship gathering designed to help young ladies develop in discovering their value in Christ. 


ELEVATE YOUTH  is the youth ministry of HCM. EY meets every 3rd weekend over a 2 day period, both Saturday and Sunday. Saturdays youth can expect to meet with other young people in studying biblical principles, games and activities. Sunday serves as the day of which youth services are held where young people are in training and operation. 


HCM's community feed is offered every last Saturday of the month. THis effort services the local sector, families and the homeless. 

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